A Glimpse Into the Past: The History of Asbestos Use

Asbestos has seen its reasonable part of commendation and traps from old to current times. We should dive into its fascinating past!


Have you known about a material that once went by the name “wonder mineral”? That’s right, that is asbestos for you! Nonetheless, what was once viewed as a wonder has a not-really gleaming standing. Curious about how this change occurred? Peruse on to reveal the thrill ride of asbestos through history.

Asbestos in Antiquated Times

The Greeks Knew It – Even antiquated human advancements perceived the exciting properties of asbestos. The Greeks utilized it to make burial service articles of clothing. Notwithstanding, they additionally noticed the respiratory issues of the oppressed individuals who worked with it. Discuss contradicting messages all along!
Timeless Fire Wraps – The Egyptians utilized asbestos fabrics to envelop their pharaohs’ bodies before putting them by pyramids. They accepted these wraps shielded the bodies from disintegration.

Archaic Sorcery to Modern Age Upheaval

Supernatural Hankies – In the middle age period, asbestos turned into a material for ‘wizardry’ clothes. Envision cleaning the fabric by throwing it into a fire to come out more clean! Unadulterated sorcery!
Fast Modern Utilization – The nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years saw an outstanding ascent in the utilization of asbestos. Because of its intensity, safety, and protective properties, it became a #1 in different ventures, from development to car.

The Warnings

Wellbeing Concerns Surface – Notwithstanding its benefits, asbestos-related wellbeing concerns were difficult to overlook. Assembly line labourers, diggers, and those presented with asbestos started showing respiratory issues, prompting examinations.
Mesothelioma Connection – An association was found between asbestos openness and mesothelioma, an uncommon type of disease. This revelation altogether modified the view of the ‘marvel mineral.’

Guidelines and Boycotts

First Authority Boycott – Wellbeing concerns drove a few nations to boycott asbestos by the late twentieth 100 years. It was an extreme shift from its magnificence days.
Current Status – Today, more than 60 nations have prohibited asbestos. Nonetheless, it’s utilized in some regions, mixing contentions and wellbeing discusses.

Fun (or Not Fun) Realities

Did you be aware?

Romans called it the ‘disorder of the lungs.’ Perhaps they were onto something, eh?
In the mid-1900s, organizations publicized asbestos-loaded items as gifts. That’s right, an asbestos iron board as a Christmas present was a thing!


From venerated to censured, asbestos has had a wild excursion. The historical backdrop of its utilization fills in as a sign of how something so celebrated can have stowed away outcomes. Thus, the following time somebody considers something a “supernatural occurrence,” perhaps dive into its past.

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